How to Perform Seagate Expansion Drive Data Recovery?

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Requirements: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008

Seagate Expansion drive is a portable storage device that functions on plug & play basis and used alternatively to internal hard drive of laptops /computers for storing valuable files like audio, text files, documents, videos, etc. Besides these features, user may lose or delete information stored on Seagate Expansion drive due to some unforeseen reasons.

Are you one among the person who has come across such type of data loss problem from Seagate Expansion drive? Or Deleted important files like office project report, text documents, movie files, memorable photo files, tax records, MP3 files, etc. from it?

Now you may be keenly searching for the Seagate Expansion drive data recovery software. Then don’t be infuriate, there is perfect utility called Recover Seagate software, which is used to recover data from Seagate Expansion drive without any difficulty. Also this application supports to restore information from all versions of Windows and Mac Operating System.

Reasons that leads to deletion or lost of data from Seagate Expansion Drive:

  • MBR Damage: MBR encloses every vital information like partition table and boot loader program. Additionally, it holds other vital information about the hard disk like how many drives are there, when they are created, which drive is active and lot other. If any damage occurs to the MBR because of virus threats, damage boot loader, etc. then these types of incidences results in inaccessible of files contained on Seagate Expansion drive. Whenever MBR gets damage then the subsequent pop up message occurs like error loading OS, omitted OS, etc. This style of messages will not enable the operating system to boot and finally results in data loss.
  • Virus Infection: It is the common reason for loss of data from Seagate Expansion drive. Usually virus goes into the device when connected to a virus-infected computers/ laptops for data transfer. These spiteful viruses may harm entire file structure of hard drive and finally leads to data unreachable enclosed onto it.
  • Antivirus Scanning: During the time of virus threats on Seagate Expansion drive, you opt for antivirus scan to have clear free from virus infection. Once scanning process is over, you see some vital files are missing from it. This type of situation happens because of unreliable tool or due to unauthorized application. Therefore, to avoid this type of situation, you need to utilize updated antivirus software.
  • Accidental Deletion: Always users prefer to accumulate and secure their files on some Seagate Expansion drive devices, in such instances while transferring or sharing files from system to other system or on some secondary storage devices then they accidentally click on delete option instead of selecting send to. This will result in data or file deletion from Seagate Expansion drive.

In addition, there are more scenarios liable for loss of data from Seagate Expansion drive such as file system corruption, hard drive failure, formatting, OS crash, incorrect use of hard disk, etc. If you ever come across any of these motives then stay relax and simply make use of Recover Seagate software to solve all these issues. This tool is highly proposed and recommended by software expert to retrieve data from Seagate Expansion drive

Prominent Features of Recover Seagate software:

  • Recover Seagate software has advanced and powerful integrated algorithms which is competent of performing the scan of complete Seagate external hard drive sector to restore deleted, lost and missing files in just a brief time.
  • This software is capable of recovering of data from Seagate external hard drives like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc
  • This utility includes a graphical styled interface that facilitates even novice users to execute intricate recovery operation in a easy way. In addition to the simple usability, it has several unique features like preview option, save recovery session, create disk image, signature search, add or edit signatures, etc.
  • This utility is compatible on Windows operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows sever 2003, etc.
  • Along with Windows, it also performs Seagate data recovery on Mac Mavericks as well as on various version of Mac OS such as Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc.
  • By empowering this utility, you can revive information from USB drive, FireWire drives, flash memory cards, etc.
  • By making use of this application one can also rescue files from file system like HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS etc.You can create “Disk Images” of bad sectors present in Seagate Expansion drive and later data can be retrieved from disk images. If in case you find any difficulty in restoring data from Seagate Expansion drive, then you can also contact our 24*7 technical staff for any assistance. If you feel good with unique features of Seagate Expansion portable drive data then first try its demo version for FREE, which is available at this link:

Download Now Buy Full Version

Download Now Buy Full Version

Simple steps to Perform Seagate Expansion Drive Data Recovery:

Step 1: Download "Seagate Recovery tool" and install it on PC successfully. After double clicking on application, main screen consists of three major options in that you select "Recover Drives" option.

Seagate Expansion Drive Data Recovery- Welcome Window

Figure A: Welcome Window

Step 2: From second screen, select either "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option. Then from following screen Select Seagate Expansion drive from the list and click on "Next" button to start scanning your hard disk.

Recover Files From Seagate Expansion Drive - Select USB Hard Drive

Figure B: Select USB Hard Drive

Step 3: After finishing scanning process, you can easily preview recovered data by clicking on a Preview button. Finally save recovery session in order to evade rescanning of your

Retrieve Files From Seagate Expansion Drive- File Type

Figure C: Preview List of Recovered Files

Download Now Buy Full Version

Download Now Buy Full Version

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